My GUNDAM Journey….

I have been building these models for like coming to 20 years now. It was introduced to me by a colleague of mine when I was lecturing in the Polytechnic.

Although it may seems like kids play at start, just breaking the molded pieces and assembled them one by one according to the instructions. But I really have to take my hats off for the Japanese to come up with such comprehensive instructions with text and diagrams, and you will never have to worry about fixing the wrong part in the wrong sequence…. even if you do not understand Japanese language.

Nowadays the models are molded in full colors, so fixing up the model is only the entry level of play with GUNDAM models. The actual kick will come during the painting of the finished model. All the preparation of the surface, applying the primer (base coat) and finally the top coat, and finishing it with the clear lacquer for a metallic look. Then the ultimate painting is not to achieve the brand new metallic finishing but a war battled matt finishing. This will normally goes with the scenaramic setting with back drops.

I will try to touch on these in the coming post. Hope to get them organise a bit before putting them up.


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