GUNDAM… Origami… Wood Puzzles

I am a person who likes to get my hand in action.

At work, I am a hands on engineering professional working on automation equipment that runs beautifully like the dancing ballet. At play, I occupies myself with many intriguing hand crafts.

I am interested in a variety of hand crafts; model making, wood puzzle making and origami are few of my favorites.

In this blog, I will be sharing my experience on woking with these few favorite hand craft of mine… Complex Origami, Gundam Models and Wood Puzzles.

Do post me a comment or question on this hand craft and I will try to provide you an answer when even I can.

Welcome to My Hand Craft Heaven…..


3 comments on “GUNDAM… Origami… Wood Puzzles

  1. Can you recommend any good origami books for someone in the US? I saw that one you posted, “Works of Satoshi Kamiya”. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I can’t find it on amazon. Bummer…

    • Hi Brett,

      It depends on what is your current interest level. Are you just starting in this origami hobby, or has been folding for some years? There are some US origami masters (Robert Lang, John Montroll, just to name a few) and their books can be found in easily. As for the Japanese publication, you may order it online from ““. The other site which also offer these Japanese publication is “” in France. Direct mail order from Origami House would be the best in value. What we did here is to collate all the various order from the local origami hobbist and order in bulk to share out the shipping charges. Hope this helps you on your book hunting.

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