One comment on “Bruja (Witch) – designed by J. Anibal Voyer Iniesta

  1. Hey congratulations, your witch is perfectly folded and the details are simply beautiful (as usual I would say ;)). Anyway, I have tried several times to fold the “bruja” unsuccessfully 😦
    I have to say I’m not an expert in origami, just folded some models but this one is really tough for me.. I have been stuck for a while at steps 62-64 but then I have been able to do it (honestly I don’t know how) but now I’m stuck at 86-87, again!!! I have searched around and found many posts asking for the same steps (most of them in spanish forums) but can’t really understand what I am doing wrong… Since you say it took no time for you to fold the base model, could you please post a video about it? At least the mentioned steps? There are no videos around, that’s why I’m asking. Please, it would mean a lot to me and I’m sure a lot of other guys will be grateful as well :o)

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