6 comments on “Nazgul 8.1 – designed by Jason Ku

  1. Hi there! Amazing folds! I’ve been trying to fold this model for some time but I can’t find the right paper and I find the later steps become difficult as the paper gets too thick, what paper would you recommend? Thanks so much!

    • Dear Claire, I have used crumpled paper for this model. This is paper normally used for flower making. It can be found in normal art&craft stores. It is tough and can be re-folded multiple times without tearing. But it’s short coming is that the paper tends to stretched. As it is thin, it is also very difficult to stand the model upright. It would be good for models which is low lying, eg: a crab. I have to put in some wire frame in order to prop the model up for photo taking. I would recommend to use a Kraft paper for this model, but do get a larger one.

    • Dear Steven,

      CP means ‘Creased Pattern’, which are formed by the folded lines, after you open up a completely folded model.

      I would not recommend for a newbie to start complex origami with CP as it would ‘kill’ the interest in no time. Try out some dinosaur or insect model first to appreciate how the intricate details can created with just one uncut square paper. Then you can move on to human form. Along the way, you will definitely encounter folding and unfolding, and you will slowly learn how to recognized and read the CP.

      Why not try this out and fold the Anlylosaurus (by Ronald Koh). You will be satisfied with the end result.

      With enough practice and experience, you can start to fold from vast amount of CP diagram available in the internet.

      Happy folding.

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